In Other Rock News…(August 16th)

Corey Taylor, Zoltan Bathory and John Lydon make up the August 16th edition of “In Other Rock News…”  Enjoy!

Corey Taylor Is Not Taking Any Sh*t On Tour

For the second time this Slipknot tour, Corey Taylor has kicked a fan out of a show.  This second incident took place at Slipknot’s August 13th show in Concord, Calif.  So far, no details have emerged as to why Taylor booted the fan from the pit.

Huey Cam: Slipknot - Psychosocial (Live At The Concord Pavilion) 08-13-16

Uploaded by HueyCam on 2016-08-14.

Fun Fact:  FFDP’s Zoltan Bathory Has A Monster Truck…

…and he crashed it at an event in Utah over the weekend.  Check out the video below!  (FYI:  Zoltan and the Monster Truck named “Knucklehead” are doing just fine.)

Knucklehead Monster Truck freestyle RMR Raceway 2016

Zoltan Bathory in the Knucklehead Monster Truck Freestyle from Rocky Mountain Raceway 2016.

Surprise!  John Lydon Is One Tough S.O.B.

John Lydon (aka:  Johnny Rotten) was performing a show with Public Image Ltd. in Chile a couple of days ago when he was pelted with a bottle, which caused him to bleed from his forehead.  Lydon and security tried to find the culprit, which seemed unsuccessful.  Lydon called the fan “a f*cking coward,” but then exclaimed, “We continue!” because even at 60, he’s a total badass.

Public Image Limited y el momento de tensión con el corte a John Lydon en Chile

Discotheque Blondie, Chile. 14 de agosto de 2016.



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