Delivery Driver Robbery Scam (WATCH)

Stealing cases and cases of beer in broad daylight!

Dateline, Alabama.

There's a 22-year-old guy named Darrius Williams from Millbrook, Alabama who came up with a pretty brilliant way to steal beer.

He's been dressing up as a BEER DELIVERY driver.  Then he rolls a delivery cart into the store, loads it up with cases of beer, and just rolls it right out the front door.

He does it all in BROAD DAYLIGHT!

And no one questions what's going on, since he looks legit.  Nevermind that he's taking beer OUT of the store.

He's managed to get away with it at least four different times.  One surveillance video shows him rolling 16 cases of Bud and Bud Light out of a Walmart.

But the cops recognized him from the video, and now they're trying to track him down.

Here's some security video footage of one of his heists...