Move Over, Clooney! Here's The Female 'Oceans' Cast Rumors!

Those of us who are a HUGE lover of the Oceans Eleven Trilogy are sort of undecided on these lineup rumors. 

The all female reboot train was actually started with the discussion of an Oceans Eleven reboot called Oceans Eight, which rumors say is what pushed the female Ghostbusters ahead of schedule. Now we're starting to see the rumored cast, and, well.... It's interesting to say the least.

Here's who Variety says is linked to the film so far - with accompanying pictures - and OUR PICKS for the potential casting:


That's only 7 women... Who's the eighth?! We still need someone to take up the role of the Frank Catton character. My pick automatically would be Wanda Sykes. I think she'd slay that role.


We can't wait to find out in October when the production is scheduled to start.


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