Here's The Weird Video From The Trump Tower Climber (WATCH)

Whoa, this young man has a meeting in his future...

With a padded room...

Were you watching this yesterday?  A guy used suction cups to climb the outside of Trump Tower in New York yesterday.

It was fun to watch for the first 30 seconds, but then it was like watching paint dry... OR a turtle race.  BORING!

But cops removed one of the windows and yanked him inside before he made it to the top.  As of last night, it still wasn't clear why he did it.

But he posted a weird video two days ago, where he said he needed to get Trump's attention so they could talk about a, quote, "important matter."  And he told everyone to vote for Trump.

Here's the CNN coverage of how it all ended... You didn't think they'd let him go "splat" did you?

Wolf Blitzer should get a medal for covering this nonsense... Ugh.