TechBuzz: MacBooks Might Be Getting Fingerprint Scanners

First the phones, now the MacBook Pro updates...

If you're paranoid that the government is collecting your fingerprints, then maybe you shouldn't get the newest rumored installment of the MacBook Pro.

According to 9to5Mac, you won't only get OLED touch sensitive function keys, but there will be a touch ID power button, meaning you will have a finger print scan to turn on the Mac. This, of course, would be a new security measure added to an already password protected piece of machinery.

Engadget on Twitter

The next MacBook Pro may have a fingerprint-reading power button

Given all the upset with the missing headphone jacks on the newest potential iPhones, it's safe to say a lot of changes are being made. Though, all still rumored.

What do you think? Do you think a finger printed computer would be the safest way to keep your information safe? Or do you think it's just another unnecessary step?

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