(WATCH) Jersey Rock Video of the Week: 18th & Addison "War"

New Album "Makeshift Monster" Available Now

18th & Addison are a Punk Rock/Alternative Duo out of Toms River, NJ.  They're currently out on tour in support of their new album "Makeshift Monster" which is available now on iTunes and amazon.com. You can score a physical copy HERE.

Their latest single "War" rocks hard and its accompanying video explores a thought-provoking concept.  It depicts the duo of Kait and Tom struggling with their adult lives while being watched, and in some cases attacked, by their younger selves.  It definitely makes you wonder about how your younger self would react to your current life.

We'll let you know when 18th & Addison will be back in our area again.  Until then, enjoy their video for "War":