This Guy Ignores A Gun Wielding Robbery (WATCH)

Here's a little something from today's No Sweat News...

Video below:

Said Ahmed of Christchurch, New Zealand, come on down!  You're one brave dude!

The owner of the "Taste of Egypt" fast food joint decided to finish serving a customer before walking away from the counter – while a masked man brandishing a handgun stood by.

Footage of the incident posted by police on social media showed how Ahmed, originally from Egypt, even appeared to smile as the event unfolded. “The man wanted to frighten me and I decided he couldn’t do that,” Ahmed told the Guardian.

“I passed the customer his food because I wanted him to leave the shop and not be in any danger.”

That customer, grabbed his food and booked it!

This restaurant shop owner gets our No Sweat News "Cojones of the Week" award!