In Other Rock News…(July 13th)

Metallica (sort of), Hollywood Vampires and Guns N’ Roses make up the July 13th edition of “In Other Rock News…”  Enjoy!


Meowtallica:  It’s like Metallica, But With Cats

Parodies:  Who doesn’t love ‘em?!

Someone with a lot of time on their hands created a faux infomercial for the equally as faux Meow That’s What I Call Metal!  (AKA:  Meowtallica.)

We know this isn’t very “newsworthy,” but at the same time, it’s widely known just how much people on the Internet love cats, with the exception of this writer, who is a dog-person and thinks cats are users with piss-poor attitudes.


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Hollywood Vampires Soldier On

Sans a recovering Joe Perry, the Hollywood Vampires continued their tour last night (July 12th) in Ohio and gave a shout out to the guitarist during their curtain call.

Taking a bow, Hollywood Vampires. 07/12/16 Fraze

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and the rest of the Hollywood Vampires take a bow after an amazing concert at the Fraze in Kettering, Ohio, July 12th, 2016


GN’R’s “Where’s Izzy?” sign controversy

Alright, considering the potential for incidents, this moment at the Guns N’ Roses show in Nashville on July 9th actually seems pretty tame.  Check out the account via fan Caroline Campos below, which the GN’R camp has since denied.  Let us know what you think in the comments!

Caroline Campos - Ok so last night I had this "Where's... | Facebook

Ok so last night I had this "Where's Izzy" sign. If you know about #gunsnroses and you've seen the Don't Cry music video, you get it. If not, its a...



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