Deftones’ Chino Moreno On Jerry Cantrell And “Phantom Brides”

After the successful run of "Prayers/Triangles," Deftones have tapped "Phantom Brides" to be the second single from the group's latest album, "Gore."

The song is marked by a guest appearance by Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell, and frontman Chino Moreno tell us his contribution had the full blessing of Deftones' own lead guitarist Stephen Carpenter:

"That was just a sort of a last-minute decision. We had the song that was pretty much finished. There was this whole section in the song...As much as Stephen can probably play solos, he doesn't. I can't if I wanted to. So it would be nice to have another texture in there that's a little different to what Stephen or myself bring to the table in a deftones song. We just started throwing out names and Jerry's came up, and he's been a great friend of ours for quite some time, so...we just hit him up and he was more than happy to be part of it. I sent him a track and right away he sent me a demo back with his part on it that was pretty much the same as it is on the record.”

"The "Gore" album was released in April, and deftones are currently in Europe, with a North American tour starting July 31 in Buffalo.

Deftones - Phantom Bride Featuring Jerry Cantrell (Official Audio)

Official Audio of "Phantom Bride" Featuring Jerry Cantrell from 'Gore' - the new album from Deftones. Get'GORE' at On tour this summer - Follow Deftones:

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