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Cheating On Your Partner With Netflix Just Got 10 Times Harder

Talk about some commitment issues!

Do you suffer from your partner cheating on you with the Netflix account? Watching ahead without you when you're busy? Well, fear not. There's a ring for that.

UK Ice Cream Company Cornetto has created a ring that sync's with the placement of your Netflix show, and will not stream unless you are near your partner.

Cornetto - Commitment Rings

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It syncs when you're with your partner and phone, and makes you make a "series commitment" that makes your love last for "more than one season."

In all fairness, it sounds like a total joke, but you know what they say, some of the best jokes have some truth to them.

You can register to get an e-mail when the rings become available at seriescommitment.com.

Guess that puts a damper on those who still "Netflix and Chill."


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