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Paul Stanley On Filming KISS' New Concert Film

Hitting movie screens around the world tonight (May 25) is KISS Rocks Vegas, a one-night only concert film taken from the group's November 2014 residency at the Hard Rock hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The group's Paul Stanley tells us that the film comes from just one of the shows KISS played there, which made that particular night a bit nerve-wracking:

"I think you can't help but be aware that in essence it's now or never, and it's like stepping into the ring. You're hoping that your legs are good and you're hoping that you're in top form, and if not you draw on your well of determination to pull out all the stops. I think it was a great show. There's a great intensity between us and the audience. That's palpable. To do a show in a venue that small and yet do a show that's that large only made us that much more colossal as figures. The KISS personas and the KISS characters are iconic, and the challenge is every time we go out onstage is beyond living up to it is make sure we exceed it, and the residency in Vegas was a perfect opportunity to do that."


KISS Rocks Vegas is expected to be released on video but no date has been announced. The group launches its Freedom To Rock summer tour on July 7 in Boise, Idaho.

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