WATCH: Unboxing Of New White Zombie Box Set

The highly-anticipated White Zombie box set is due out June 3rd, but now with the new unboxing video, fans can get a first glimpse of what to expect.

White Zombie:  It Came From N.Y.C. comes packed with 5 LPs (pressed on white vinyl, natch), 3 CDs, 108-page hardcover book, complete “shirtography,” 50 previously unpublished photographs and a bunch more! (Check out complete track listing below!) 

White Zombie:  It Came From N.Y.C. is available for pre-order at


Unboxing White Zombie: It Came From N.Y.C.

5LP/3CD boxsets available now:


White Zombie: It Came From N.Y.C. track listing:


God's On Voodoo Moon 7"-1985

Gentleman Junkie
King Of Souls
Tales From The Scare Crow Man
Cat's Eye Resurrection
Black Friday*
Dead or Alive*


Pig Heaven 7" - 1986

Pig Heaven
Scarecrow #2*
Red River Flow*
Rain Insane*
Paradise Fireball*
Slaughter The Grey


Psycho-Head Blowout 12" EP - 1987

Fast Jungle
Gun Crazy
True Crime


Soul-Crusher 12" LP - 1987                      

Shack Of Hate
Drowning The Colossus
Crow III
Die Zombie Die
Truck On Fire
Future Shock
Scum Kill
Diamond Ass


Make Them Die Slowly 12" LP - 1989                              

Disaster Blaster
Acid Flesh
Power Hungry


God Of Thunder 12" EP - 1989

God Of Thunder
Love Razor
Disaster Blaster-2

*Previously unissued



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