Inside InTune Guitar Picks

75 million.  That’s the number of guitar picks the Virginia-based InTune Guitar Picks has cranked out for its many customers since launching in 2000. 

Founded by Bert LeCato, InTune has grown into a go-to source for customized picks for countless artists from all across the musical spectrum from Black Sabbath to Kenny Rodgers.  Other artists that have also done business with InTune include Miranda Lambert, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, The Guess Who, Boston Y&T, Joe Walsh, Cinderella, Twisted Sister, Warrant, Shinedown, Sevendust, Disturbed, Pop Evil and many more.

So, what’s the thought process into choosing what type of pick to use?

“It still always boils down to personal preference,” said LeCato.  “But if someone’s playing bass, they tend to use a heavier pick, but if you’re a beginner and ask what pick should I use, we’ll usually recommend starting with a medium gauge (thinkness) and a standard shape pick, and from there you can decide if you want something thicker, thinner, a pick with more of a grip.  Guitar players can be very picky, no pun intended, but they really can right down to the materials and edging of the pick.”

InTune saves all artwork from every single order that’s placed in order to better serve their clients, but what have been LeCato’s favorite designs?

“The ones that probably get the most talk are the ones I wouldn’t be able to share,” said LeCato, with a laugh.  “Some of the stuff that comes through is really funny.  For example, sometimes we’ve seen parts of the body that shouldn’t be walking, but they’re walking on a pick.  More of that stuff really gets us talking and makes us scratch our heads and say, ‘You really want that on a guitar pick?!  You really want to throw this out into a crowd?!’  But yeah, the dirty ones definitely get the most laughs.

Considering InTune can print upwards to 40,000 picks a day, we’re sure there’s plenty of interesting images that have been burned into LeCato’s and his employees brains that they’ll never forget.

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Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock reporter who never leaves home without her iPod, because to her, there’s something very comforting about carrying around every piece of music she’s ever owned in her life.