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Letter From Kurt Cobain To David Geffen Headed To Auction And It’s Real Angry

By now, we all know how outraged Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were about the now infamous 1992 Vanity Fair article that accused Love of continued drug use after finding out she was pregnant with daughter Frances Bean, but who knew Cobain threatened to break up Nirvana if the band’s record label didn’t do something about the article?

A hand-written, two-page letter from Cobain to David Geffen is hitting the auction block at Julien’s Auctions in New York City next month and it contains some incredible gems, like “Supposedly, I’ve made your company a lot of money” and that Cobain had been in rehab at that point for the past 18 days.  However, the most alarming is Cobain alluding to splitting from Nirvana if Geffen didn’t stick up for Love, whose band, Hole, were also signed under Geffen’s label.

Per Julien’s, the letter is expected to net somewhere between $20,000-30,000 when it goes up for bidding on May 21st.  You can read the letter in its entirety via the tweet below, and if you’re just sitting on a bunch of cash and what to bid on this letter, head over to for more details.


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