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New Update On The New Tool Album

With the 10th anniversary of their last album, 10,000 Days, looming in May, Tool continues to work on its follow-up, and the group's webmaster Blair McKenzie assured fans that the group is making progress in a new Q&A.

McKenzie says he’s heard "about 30 minutes of music altogether," including "selections of what I believe will be the longest track on the album." He says that the quartet is "trying their hardest to outdo themselves, wanting each new album to be better than the last one. If this wasn't the case it wouldn't make sense for a couple of members to sit for hours in soul-crushing L.A. traffic four days a week in order to get to the loft where they work tireless writing/arranging new music. Why subject themselves to this -- for years Plus having to listen to all the groaning) -- unless they want their new album (which is the priority) to be the absolute best it can possibly be?"

Tool played a short tour earlier this year, while frontman Maynard James Keenan has been on the road with his other band Puscifer.


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