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Joe Elliott Offers Update On Vocal Health, Thoughts On GN’R’s Upcoming Tour

With the start of Def Leppard’s massive tour with REO Speedwagon and Tesla just weeks away, many will soon be focused on singer Joe Elliott and the current state of his vocal health, considering the band postponed a number of dates earlier this year due to throat issues he was experiencing.  

Fortunately, Elliott was just in dire need of rest, and in a recent conversation offered an update on how he’s feeling now:

Joe Elliott Offers Update On Vocal Health, Thoughts On GN’R’s Upcoming Tour

“It was a complete nutter, but it was temporary.  What it was…I don’t know.  Pick your favorite quarterback and let’s give him a muscle injury.  How is he?  Can he go to the shops?  Can he walk the dog?  Yep!  Can he throw a ball with his kid?  Yeah.  Can he throw one this Saturday at the Super Bowl?  Probably not.  So, that was me.  I had a terrible, terrible cough over Christmas.  Really bad.  You just don’t know how it’s going to affect you.  I’ve had them before, and it’s never done the damage that this one did, so it was a unique situation…All I’m doing right now is building me back up and getting my strength back before we get to May.  The doctors had a look down there and said it’s definitely cleared.  We just take it a day at a time until we get to May where I can let loose.”


Of course, Def Leppard will be on tour when Guns N’ Roses launch their “Not In This Lifetime…” tour, which guitarist Phil Collen called “f*cking lame” in a recent interview, even though he later said he was misquoted.  However, Elliott is rather excited about GN’R’s return to form:

Joe Elliott Offers Update On Vocal Health, Thoughts On GN’R’s Upcoming Tour

“I’m just happy that GN’R are back together...’Appetite For Destruction’ came out almost the same day as ‘Hysteria.’  I remember us listening to it when we were rehearsing for that tour and thinking, ‘Jesus, this is a great record.  This is a really good album.’  And I’m still a fan to this day of it.  There’s some amazing music on that record, and they just took it to another level.  They really did.”


Def Leppard kick off their tour May 2nd in Pensacola, Fla.  For a complete list of tour dates, head over to



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