Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jim Breuer Takes To Facebook (Again) To Clarify Brian Johnson, AC/DC Situation

What was initially an innocent podcast about a friend talking about another friend has turned into firestorm of press and speculation for Jim Breuer and AC/DC.

An episode of Breuer’s podcast The Metal In Me went viral yesterday (March 15th) after the comedian talked about a recent visit to the home of frontman Brian Johnson, where he described the singer as “depressed” as a result of his recent hearing loss diagnosis, which led to AC/DC postponing the remainder of their tour dates.  However, in the podcast, Breuer relays that Johnson was in essence “kicked to the curb” by his band, who also haven’t reached out to see how he’s doing.

Hours after the podcast went live, Breuer took to Facebook clarifying what was discussed, but things have taken off so much in the press that he published two additional posts (One text, one video) further clarifying what he said on his podcast.  They are as follows:

"Just to Clear the air- I was NOT QUOTING Brian Johnson- I was sad to see him depressed . I was Venting Things I felt to a friend - All Brian said was "I feel down & want to finish the job and hope it happens!" The rest was ME GOING OFF.."


As of the time of publishing, AC/DC have yet to issue any statement regarding the status of Brian Johnson.