TechBuzz: How Facebook Uses Those New "Likes"

They weren't just to make things fun, believe it or not. 

Knowing what your reaction is to something is helping Facebook rebuild their algorithm. As you may have noticed, you will now have little moving emojis on the platform called "Facebook Reactions." Tap the like button and hold, and it will give you options to choose from. According to Mic, "it will use data gathered when you use the new emojis to alter your News Feed and learn more about what you like."


Is that a little Big Brother-Esque? Sort of.

In terms of knowing your reactions to things though, whether you enjoy a certain artist, that you LOVE recipes and inspirational posts, or really don't like Donald Trump, there's something for everyone out of this whole deal. We get to be more expressive without typing, they get to figure out what's popular, they help us see less garbage. So, thanks, Facebook! Especially for that sad one, because I felt weird liking a friend's sad status.