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Brian Johnson Adds New Jaguar To Car Collection, Rest Of World Extremely Jealous

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has added an 18th car to his collection -- and it's a doozy.

Johnson is one of the first owners of the new Jaguar F-Type Project 7, the company's most powerful and fastest car to date. (See video below.) Johnson says in a statement on the company web site that, "I love it. It's a proper supercar, and boy, oh boy, does it have some grunt to it. While it's blisteringly fast, I feel so safe in it. I love the steering, the handling, and those carbon ceramic brakes are amazing. The discs are as big as the wheels on my racing Mini. Just listen to that noise from the exhaust. Who needs a stereo when you have a soundtrack like this?"

Johnson also notes that the Project 7 "it pays homage to one of my favorite Jaguar cars of all time, the Le Mans-winning D-type...It's also a pretty rare car; they've only built 250, with just 50 of those coming to the States. I literally had to beg them to buy one. Of course they asked me what color I wanted. I told them: Is there any other color than British Racing Green?"

Johnson is a longtime car collector and racing enthusiast who documented his passion in the 2011 book Rockers and Rollers: A Full Throttle Memoir.

AC/DC is currently in the midst of a second North American leg of its Rock Or Bust World Tour, although the February 29 show in Kansas City was moved to the night before so Johnson could attend a friend's funeral in the U.K.



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