No Sweat News: Walgreens Beat Down (WATCH)

Here's video and photographic evidence of today's No Sweat News story about the guy who picked the wrong time and place to try to rob all the Oxy's from a Walgreens in Florida...

Dateline, Florida… capitol of the no sweat news…
26 year old Anthony Nemeth, come on down… you’re our idiot criminal of the day… and, once again, the No Sweat News has proven: timing is everything.
Tony went into his local Walgreens… had his hoodie pulled over his head and a white scarf over his face.
He mmediately jumped up on the pharmacists’ desk and demanded all the Oxy’s. Even claimed to have a gun.  But there were two things that Anthony didn’t know:

1. That 25 year old David West was there to visit his girlfriend who just happened to be one of the pharmacists on duty… and
2. That David West was a state boxing champion two times over.


Anthony’s mug shot shows the evidence of the massive beating that he suffered because David beat the crap outta him and held him down until the cops got there.

Here's the mug shot:

walgreens beat down

Here's the surveillance video: