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Mardi Gras U.S. Style - How To Party And Where!

We all know that New Orleans is where it's at for Mardi Gras, but we decided to take a little spin around the U.S. to find out how the other states celebrate Fat Tuesday and beyond!

West Coast:

San Diego has the largest Mardi Gras Parade, downtown, which is also set up as a music festival. The party started at 6:45 AM in 2015 and went until 10PM. The "last hurrah" consisted of 5 stages, and last year, DJ Snoopadelic (Snoop Dogg) played the event, as well as traditional Mardi Gras parade that went 5 blocks out of 12 that are blocked off, as well as samba dancers and other entertainment dancing in the streets.

East Coast:

There's not much shared on the East Coast when it comes to Mardi Gras "Extravaganzas." In hot spots like New York and Boston, most of the parties are bar exclusive, versus parades and dancing in the streets. Probably due to that whole "it's wicked cold outside" thing.


For places like Michigan, Fat Tuesday is a sign of "behaved" gluttony, otherwise known as Pączki Day. Hamtramck, a heavily populated area near Detroit, is famously known for making many different types of Pączki's (pronounced poonchkiez), and they are similar to a donut. Some places, like Small's Bar, are even taking it a step further, adding alcohol to the already calorie insane Pączki. Hip In Detroit's video below shows the shenanigans:


The South:

New Orleans is the place to be, obviously. Parades have stemmed from the beginning of January through tomorrow, and in multiple spots, not just one route. There is a long history that traces back all the way to 17th Century Medieval Europe, and is well documented as to how the different groups have now been named into parades and whatnot, which you can read about here. But mostly, it signifies the fact that Fat Tuesday leads to Ash Wednesday, and so the day prior, the French would eat pre-Lent feast of eggs, milk, cheese, and meat. Today, it's just a great excuse to celebrate and party.


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