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TechBuzz: Instagram Ads New Business-Friendly Feature!

Are you responsible for updating multiple Instagram accounts, by chance? Do you keep one open to creep on your kids and they don't know it's you? Whatever the reason, your life just got a little more simple, thanks to Instagram.

Instagram shared today on their blog that you soon will be able to switch between multiple Instagram accounts without having to go through the hassle of logging out and then logging back into the App to get to a secondary account.

Much like Twitter (to those who use it and have multiple accounts), you will be able to press a button and you can switch between two separate accounts, which  makes it a lot easier, especially for those of you who are small business owners, but still maintain a personal Instagram account.

Version 7.15 will be the correct version for the change, and will set you up for a little more hassle free Instagram experience.


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