(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

VIDEO: DeLorean Releases New Ad

The DeLorean Motor Company didn't realize how excited everyone would get about such a small news story, but overnight, everyone heard the Back To The Future car was going to be back in production. 

Given the success of the viral message, DeLorean posted the following on their blog:

"First of all – THANK YOU! It wasn’t our plan to announce the introduction the DeLorean resurrection in this way – a simple little local news story got picked up nationally overnight on January 26th and before we knew what had happened it was worldwide! We have seen and read a lot of stories and comments and want to use this as an opportunity, again to say “thanks”, but also to keep everyone updated on what is happening here at DeLorean Motor Company and our plans in regards to the “Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturing Act”."

You can read the blog post in it's entirety here.

Also, DeLorean has launced a new video called "Lucky Coin" from NewDeLorean.com, which you can view below:


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