Lil' Wayne And Jeff Goldblum Go Jeffersons In #MovinOnUp

You have to admit, Lil' Wayne hanging out with a bunch of "Presidents" makes a lot of sense. #YoungMoney

Jeff Goldblum is singing and playing a flying piano, and Lil' Wayne is grilling and making pie and hanging out with George Washington (who apparently now has Grillz). What more do you need for a Super Bowl commercial for

The scene is set to the theme song for The Jeffersons, "Movin' On Up," and then Goldblum goes "Is that George and Weezy?"

Get it? Weezy = Lil' Wayne?

Makes perfect sense to us.

A plea to Jeff Goldblum: Can you always sing and play the flying piano, because that's such a Jeff Goldblum thing to do.


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