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Third Man Records Releasing Early Jack White Recordings

Now that Jack White is fully invested in the vinyl scene, he's deemed it time to start releasing earlier recordings of his former works. 

According to NME, Third Man Records will be releasing some of The White Stripes earlier material, but - the catch is, you will have to be a subscriber to The Vault (TMR Special Subscription Service) to get that privilege.

Prior to The White Stripes, Jack's early punk band called Two Star Tabernacle will also have tracks involved in these releases, as well as early recordings from The Dead Weather.

NME says the following:

"The release will feature 'Hotel Yorba' and 'Now Mary' in earlier incarnations, as well as an unreleased track entitled 'Itchy', all recorded live in January 1998, three years before the release of 'White Blood Cells'."

The Vault package is now featured on the home page of Third Man Records, and you can view it here.

Also, feast your ears on some of these early clips shared from Third Man Records on Soundcloud:


The package will close on January 31st, so if you're an avid Jack White fan and aren't a vault member, you should probably hurry on up.


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