TechBuzz: Paid Apps That Are Free FOR TODAY ONLY!

We love getting stuff for free - so here's some good news! There are a few apps that for today only, are 100% free in the App Store. Wonder which ones? Read further.

*Note: Click any header and it will direct you to the iTunes App Store. For Apple products only.

WeightDrop PRO



BGR describes WeightDrop as the following:

"WeightDrop is a simple weight tracker for everybody who wants to lose or gain weight. It was designed for your everyday weight tracking needs. WeightDrop supports all important features for controlling your weight and reaching your weight goal."


iReady Trip




Sometimes you need a list to keep track of everything you are taking on a trip - and this is that perfect organization list for just that troublesome problem! It harbors logical items, and even suggests how many you should pack based on your trip.


DMD vClone



For those of you who want to merge a video with another, but don't have the pro-tools to do so, in comes DMD Video Clone. you can merge two videos, and even a still to make one cloned version. Pretty cool!


Rotate Video 360



With phones becoming more video friendly, but at the same time, ending up doing videos portrait instead of landscape, we now have an app that will rotate it at ANY ANGLE. Which could be pretty fun!

Get your freebees now before they become paid apps again!


Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.”