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Best Viral Rock Tour Moments Of 2015

So many shows, so many surprise moments!  As 2015 winds down, we’d like to look back at some of the great viral tour moments from this past year.  Enjoy!


Foo Fighters – Dave Grohl Falls Off Stage

It seemed like the Foo Fighters world tour was littered with surprises night after night, but no surprise was bigger than when Dave Grohl fell off the stage at a gig in Sweden and broke his leg.


U2 – The Edge Walks Off The Edge Of The Stage

Falling off the stage wasn’t just reserved for Grohl & Co.; U2 experienced a bit of a tumble on the first night of their world tour when The Edge got wrapped up in playing “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and walked off the stage.  Fortunately, he wasn’t seriously injured.


Five Finger Death Punch – Band Leaves Ivan Moody On Stage

The moment went viral but for all the wrong reasons.  Long story short:  Ivan Moody had a little too much to drink and made a rude comment about drummer Jeremy Spencer.  Shortly after, the train went off the rails, and the band walked off the stage leaving Ivan by his lonesome.  While rumors swirled that FFDP were on the verge of breaking up, the band hashed it out and are still together.  Whew!


Van Halen – Someone Throws Beer At David Lee Roth, Magic Ensues

There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing a beer go to waste, but David Lee Roth’s reaction to a beer being thrown on stage is a reminder that the frontman still doesn’t disappoint.  (Warning:  NSFW language ahead, but it’s awesome!)


Slipknot/Korn – Co-headliners Jam To Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”

There’s nothing better than a killer double bill, except for when both bands share the stage and perform together!



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