Bank Robber Caught On Live TV (WATCH)

Ryan Liskow, of Rochester, Minnesota… come on down.  You’re our idiot criminal of the week.

And, you’ve created a great video in the process.

Adam Sellit is a KIMT-TV news reporter.

He was doing one of those live shots… and the studio sent it out to Adam at the scene of the crime.

Crime?  Yep.  Adam was doing a live shot outside the bank that was robbed the previous day, by who we now know to be Ryan Liskow.

How do we know that it was Ryan Liskow?  Well, as Adam (the TV reporter) was beginning his story with the whole, “Thanks Bob, I’m here at the Sterling State Bank where just yesterday it was brazenly robbed in broad daylight.”

And at that moment, a bank employee ran out of the bank and up to Adam on live TV to say… Hey, he just did it again.

What?  Yeah, that’s the robber over there…

Cops talked to everyone involved, Ryan was picked up on I 35 near Farmington.  Yep.  He robbed the bank on Monday… then went back on Tuesday to rob it again… when the whole thing was caught on live TV.

That gets Ryan Liskow, idiot criminal of the week… potentially of the month.  Year?  Oh, he’s in the running.