Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We Think Vince Neil Misspoke…

A quote from Vince Neil is making the rounds this morning that have many rock fans saying, “Ummmmm…WHAT?!”

Neil recently did an interview with Maxim where he states, “…we really took pride in putting shows together. We put a lot into the entertainment value of fans coming out to watch a show…And there's only a handful left. It's like us, Ozzy, Alice Cooper, and Kiss. That's it. When we're all gone, I don't see anyone else carrying the torch of wanting to put together a great show with pyro and lights and fire, along with the songs.”

Clearly, Maxim caught Neil on an off day, because there are PLENTY of bands out there putting on incredible shows full of the aforementioned pyro, lights and fire.  Here’s a selection of videos for proof that took us about 5-7 minutes to find on YouTube.




Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock reporter who never leaves home without her iPod, because to her, there’s something very comforting about carrying around every piece of music she’s ever owned in her life.