Maloney's Beer Guys December Tasting

Maloney’s Beer Review from the morning of Friday, December 4th.

Ron the Beer Guy was in for this months beer tasting and oh what a tasting it was. Ron brought a selection of holiday beers…beers that are only released around Christmas! Hands down the best selection by far; in our humble opinion. It was a show froth with laughter, good beer and ripping on Gotts (as usual).

Carton: Epitome

This is a Black IPA from local brewery out of the Highlands, Carton Brewery. It’s a Stout/IPA Hybrid that is dark, roasty yet fruity on the nose due to the Hop that are used. A great balance of malt and Hop.
“This will put you over the edge", says Gotts. “A great beer for when the Christmas bills come in."
Ron says it’s a very popular selection at Maloney’s so get it while it’s there! It has an ABV of 10.3%

Southern Tier: Krampus

Krampus is a German myth of an anti-Santa Clause that would Eat children (also the name of a holiday horror flick coming out this month) and also the name of a Southern Tier masterpiece. This beer is an Imperial Helles German Style lager. Hoppy but not offensively hoppy. It’s an 8.5 % and possibly Carl’s favorite of all time. Smooth going in, sweet going down. ”Stop Traffic, this is delicious!” says Carl. Another great example of malty with slight hops.

Du Pont: Avec Le Bon Veux

Don’t be intimidated by the name.  This beer was even better than the last.  It's Ron the Beer Guy’s favorite. ”Phenomenal” says Carl Craft. “I’m heading up there now", says Doug the Promo Rat.  This beer from a brewery on the boarder of France and Belgium has a honey look to it. A bit cloudy, almost like honey, with a unique smell but once it’s to your lips, you get slight, sweet malt with a citrus finish but not overbearing. You’ll never want to go to anything else (though you might want to since its 9% ABV).
Ron says it would pair well with fish, lobster, prawns or light meats.

Scaldi’s: Noel

Another Belgian beer from the boarder of France, this one was a crowd favorite.   Has nothing to do with the 12% ABV, which you wouldn’t notice to sip it, but more due to its amber-ish color, malty taste and winey or grapey flavor. “A tasty treat” says Gotts. “Another one you’re going to ask for immediately but can’t do a whole lot of."  This is where the morning show really went down hill.  The crew was just about to throw in the towel untl they pulled out an old friend...

…Port Brewers Santa’s Little Helper

Merry Christmas to us! Yes, it’s been here before but only at the request of the morning show.  It’s that good!  After this, we all turned a corner.  This one is an Imperial Stout, the most Christmasy of all the beers. Pitch Black Stout (not the bourbon version we had last month) this is one of the Greatest hits for Maloney’s, hell, Gotts invites it to Christmas dinner every year. Malty, slight hops, it’s “a tasty beverage”, says Carl. “This is what Scrooge needs to Drink and maybe he won’t be so cranky!” from the wise mouth of Gotts. Another 10% ABV served in a 12oz glass…we don’t remember much after this point…

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