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Muse’s Dominic Howard Talks ‘Drones’ World Tour

Muse is back on the road in the U.S., playing Tuesday night (December 1) in Houston after shows in Mexico two weeks ago.

The British trio's Drones World Tour finds the group playing in the center of arenas, completely surrounded by the crowd, with real drones flying around as part of the show.

Drummer Dominic Howard tells us that:

"It's wild. It's such a different playing experience. It really is. The audience, for one, is like, just feels so much closer to us. We feel so much closer to the audience 'cause they're just right there -- particularly for me as well 'cause I'm normally sitting at the back of the stage on a riser and the audience is always a certain distance away, but for me they're literally a few feet away so that's really, really cool. And for Matt and Chris, I mean, it's way more of a challenge for those guys 'cause they're just like walking around, running around all over the place and they have loads of different microphone positions to sing from. So there's a lot going on. There's a lot going on for them for sure."


The tour is supporting Drones, Muse's seventh album overall and first to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The group will be in North America through February 1.





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