Maloney's Beer Guys November Tasting

Maloney’s Beer Review from the morning of Friday, November 6th.

The Beer Guys from Maloney’s are back and they brought some great selections for the season…STOUTS!!!
Yes, Stout season has officially kicked off and they have some superb hearty selections…but let’s ease into them by trying some different beers for the season…

Kane: Fall Saints

If you’re a health nut, then this beer is NOT for you…why? It has vegetables in it…that’s right, this is a Double Bock made with Butternut Squash and sweet potatoes! New Jersey’s own Kane Brewing decided to do a spin on all the pumpkin beers out there. Color is a brownish amber hue with a spicy aroma. You taste more of the Sweet potato up front and then a hint of clovey spice hits the palate with the Butternut Squash smoothing it all out. 9.2 ABV

St. Bernardas Abt 12

10 % ABV This is a Belgian Quad. Dark beer yet not as dark as a porter or a stout…a reddish hue about it. Malty…”so malty it’s vinous… it’s almost wine-like” says Ron the Beer Guy, “ a good sipping beer”. A bit on the sweet side, there is a fruitiness to the beer as well…apples n raisins are what Carl picked up on this one. This is one of the original recipes of the Trappist monks of Westvleteren.

Founders Breakfast Stout

Taking things into a whole new realm from the above beers we land on this gem…during commercial break, Carl took a whiff of this beer, threw on his headphones and said, “We gotta get on the air so I can taste this”. It’s a breakfast stout which means it has a whole lot going on. Founders out of Michigan is probably the most popular of craft brewers as they continue to creat more and more quality beers people are craving. This one doesn’t disappoint in the least. The color is pitch black. Full of roasty coffee, chocolate, it’s deep, smooth yet complex. “This is a complete breakfast, “- Gotts. “I’m swimming in a chocolate world of love” says Dave. This is a modest 8.5 ABV . Judging by Ron’s body language and verbal enthusiasm, it’s easy to tell this is one of his absolute favorites.

Port Brewers Santa’s Little Helper

This is bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout aged 8 months in a bourbon barrel. Basically the bourbon versio of Santa’s Little Helper. Another 10% ABV with a pitch black color in the glass. This is served in a 12oz glass and not to be reckoned with…or as Gotts calls it, “It’s a Ninja beer…it creeps up on ya!”. This is one of Maloney’s favorite brewers from San Diego. Carl, “You’re going to need your big boy pants for this one. That’s a big beverage”. Ron says it’s actually tanic like a wine. Another stout you can almost chew. If you’re a bourbon fan, you’re going to love this beer.

New Hollands Brewing Companies Dragon’s Milk with Toasted Chilis.

“Oh my God…it’s actually hot and spicey” says Carl about this Michigan born beauty. “This might be the MVP” says Dave.  Another fine imperial stout from Maloney’s that starts with a hint of Raspberry flavor then the toasted chili’s creep up and linger on the back of the tongue but not in an imposing way. This is a really rare and really good stout for the season. Only on for a limited time at Maloneys . Would pair well with red meats, smoked foods and then would go great with a chocolatey desert.

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