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New Sabbath Album Unlikely

Black Sabbath will, as we all know, be on the road next year, but don't expect to see another album from the group.

Though 2013's 13 was Sabbath's first-ever No. 1 album on the Billboard charts and won a Grammy Award, Ozzy Osbourne tells us that he and bandmates Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler have opted not to record a follow-up to accompany their The End farewell tour in 2016:

"Well, we were gonna do one before the tour, but I'm 67 in December. It would take three or four years to write and record an album, by which time I'll be f****** 73 or 72 or something, and so we decided to do a tour, a farewell tour...If we did an album and it went to No. 2, people would go, 'It's over'...There's only one place you can go after No. 1, and that's No. 2. The upside of doing a No. 1 album is you get to No. 1. The downside is if you do a follow-up album to No. 2 or 3 or 4,' people go, 'OK...'"


Sabbath kicks off The End on January 20 in Omaha, Neb., and has dates announced so far in North America, Australia and Europe, with a second North American leg just announced for late summer.





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