Photo Credit: Official Star Wars Trailer From Disney

New Star Wars Trailer! Take-aways & Predictions!

Let's stop Ewok-ing around and get straight to the Star Wars prognostications based on the new trailer for The Force Awakens (and scroll down to see it again).

1.) Luke?

We still have not seen any new footage of Luke Skywalker's face though we know that Mark Hamill is in the movie.  We are assuming that Luke will be back in an Obi-Wan Kenobi-esque, mentor role to the younger generation...but what if his part in this space saga is more complex?


2.) Multiple Death Stars.

This is a theory of mine that I now believe I can back up.  At exactly 1:15 in, we see Han Solo with a screen in front of him that seems to feature many planets on it.  But what if they are more Death Stars?  If they built two almost simultaneously...why not ten, or fifty Death Stars?  We'll find out.


3.) Why is Princess Leia crying?

It happens real quick, but at 1:56 in, we see Princess Leia clearly distressed.  Why?  Not to get all Star Wars paranoid here...but who died?!  Chewie?!  Artoo?!  Or worse yet, what if this scene foreshadows Han going on one, last mission, and getting killed at the end?  Ahhhhhhhhh!!


...Anyway, the new trailer rules.  Expect this to be the movie phenomenon of the year.

- East Side Dave