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Phil Collen Talks New Def Leppard Song “Dangerous”

"Dangerous," the new track Def Leppard has just premiered from its upcoming self-titled album, was among the first song the group worked on for the new album.

Guitarist Phil Collen tells us that he can't pinpoint the exact date he started writing the song, but it was among several ideas that got the quintet on track for Def Leppard:

Phil Collen Talks New Def Leppard Song “Dangerous”

"I had a demo for 'Dangerous' as well, pretty much the whole music of that I had done. It was called 'Dangerous Drug' and Joe said, 'Wouldn't it be great if we called it 'Dangerous' and make it this kind of singalong chorus...We literally copied it exactly. I redone the guitars. We just done a slightly different guitar sound. We might have kept some of the original demo, I'm not sure. That's really how it went...We didn't change anything musically at all."


"Dangerous" is the second track the group has revealed from the album, following "Let's Go." "Def Leppard" is due out October 30, and the group has announced a 2016 U.S tour with Styx and Tesla starting January 27 in Greensboro, S.C.

Here's the first track they released, "Lets Go":

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