Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Five Awesome David Lee Roth Interviews

David Lee Roth celebrates his 61st birthday today (October 10.)  When honoring DLR, you obviously think about his legendary showmanship, but Diamond Dave doesn't just bring it on stage; he also brings everything (and then some) whenever he sits down to do an interview.  Here’s our five favorite Roth interviews:

Late Night With David Letterman (1985):  This interview was done shortly after the release of Roth’s solo cover of “California Girls.” He also says that the band is very much still together and headed back into the studio soon.  Oops…


The Jon Stewart Show (1994):  First of all, remember this pre-Daily Show effort from Jon Stewart?!  The show didn’t last long, but fortunately, Jon landed a sit-down with Dave, where they talked about anything and everything, including his drug bust in NYC’s Washington Square Park.



The Brown M&M’s:  In this interview from 2012, DLR explains the infamous “no brown M&M’s” clause on Van Halen’s tour rider.  It’s actually pretty insightful.


Dave, Eddie and Alex talk early record deal:  In a promo interview for Van Halen’s 2012 album A Different Kind Of Truth, Dave interviews Eddie and Alex about the early days of VH and just how terrible there first record deal was.  


DLR at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards - Why is this interview great?  1.  Apparently Dave loves EDM. 2. Invoking the phrase "this hamburger don't need no helper" when asked if he'd sing any Sammy Hagar songs on the then upcoming Van Halen tour.  Hilarious!