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Lita Ford Talks New Memoir

A number of rock memoirs are set to hit stores shelves in the coming year, and one that will surely be chock-full of incredible stories is Living Like A Runaway: A Memoir from Lita Ford.

Ford recent spoke with WMMR’s Jacky BamBam and explained why the book has taken a bit longer to come out than expected:

“It’s going to be the spring of 2016.  There’s been some set-backs, just stupid stuff.   I don’t know…I don’t even want to get into it, but it was worth the wait.  HarperCollins let me fix stuff, and I was able to go back in and dissect stories and really bring them out in detail.  So, it’s worth waiting for.  Good things are worth waiting for.  It’s going to be a good book.”


A number of Ford’s friends in the music business have already published their life stories, including one-time boyfriend Nikki Sixx, who offered this bit of advice to Ford when writing her book:

“Yeah, he just said whatever you say, make it count.  Tell it like it is!”


Living Like A Runaway:  A Memoir is currently available for pre-order at Amazon.

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