Maloney's Beer Guys October Tasting

Maloney’s Beer Review from the morning of October 2nd.

The Beer Guys from Maloney’s are back and they brought some great selections for the season…Oktoberfest is going on right now until October 10th with a special Oktoberfest menu of beer AND food. Lets dive right in, shall we?

Downeast Pumpkin Blend Cider
OK so this isn’t a beer (Dave!!!) but for our Gluten Free Friends (Jimmy Steal), it’s a gem. It’s a cider made in Charleston Massachusetts made with apples pressed with pumpkins and aged with chai spices. It has a 5% ABV: So low alcohol and not too sweet. Get it quick as its only available until Halloween and when it’s gone…it’s gone…and it will be gone. “It’s like Pumpkin Pie”, Dave Mac.

Weihenstephaner (Vine-Shtef-ahner) Hefe Weissbier
Oldest continuous operating brewery in the world…since the Mid 1500’s…oldest brewery that never stopped brewing.   This German Hefeweizen is an easy drinking Wheat beer, slightly cloudy with an ABV of 5.5%. “I usually don’t like Weiss beers but this goes down easy and smooth. I can drink this, no problem”, Doug the Promo Rat. Pairs well with foods that don’t have too intense of a flavor like a knockwurst.

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Urbock
Wow…before the glass got to my nose I pick up a camp fire. The smell prepped my taste buds for what it was about to experience…Chocolate covered bacon in a glass! This rauchbier from Germany is made with roasted malts smoked with Beachwood which gives it the rich smoky flavor with a backend of chocolate. This is the German version of a stout boasting a 6.6% ABV. A perfect beer as the temperature outside starts to drop and the scent of smoking chimney fills the air. Would pair well with the Kassler Rippchen-classic German smoked pork chop or a German Chocolate Cake which can be found on the Maloney’s Oktoberfest Menu until October 10th. It’s on tap at Maloney’s all year long.

Schneider Aventinus Dopplebock
Another easy drinking Wheat beer but a malty dark wheat beer.   Not a lot of this type out there but it’s one of the top three Wheat beers out there…Has a hint of Banana taste to it due to the type of Yeast that is used and found in Germany. Higher in alcohol than your average Wheat beer. 8.2% alcohol. Pairs well with hearty roast meat, venison and also fruity Chocolate desserts as well as blue mold cheese.

Dansk Ribe
This non-beer is a Danish Spiced Mead…but don’t expect a pint of this honey wine…it sits with an ABV of 19%! So you’ll get it in a 6 oz glass. You’re going to want to sip this between courses or with desert. “I’ve never tasted anything like this”, Davey Mac. “It’s Boozy”, Ron the Beer Guy. You get the rush of alcohol taste on the first sip but then the honey sweetness smooths it all out to make it a dangerously easy beverage to get lost in. “It’s medicinal”, Meghan, Beer Gal. It takes months to make these meads.

Oktoberfest is happening now through October 10th!  Think potato dumplings & pancakes, schnitzels & rouladens, German Chocolate & Black Forrest Cake.

Maloney's will tap all of the best German beers from Ayinger, Schlenkerla, Schneider, Bahnhof, Weihenstephaner, Bahnhof, etc. They’ll also pour the best American craft seasonals- fresh hop IPAs, ciders, festbiers, & pumpkin ales.