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Breaking Benjamin’s Ben Burnley On Returning From Hiatus, Fan Reaction To New LP

Breaking Benjamin's Ben Burnley is giving the group's fans a big thumbs-up and full credit for the No. 1 Billboard 200 debut of the group's latest album, Dark Before Dawn.

The set came after a six-year hiatus, during which Burnley battled physical and emotional health issues and completely retooled the band's lineup and behind-the-scenes team. The chart-topping debut, he says, is a vindication that he's happy to share with the Breaking Benjamin faithful:

Breaking Benjamin’s Ben Burnley On Returning From Hiatus, Fan Reaction To New LP

"It seemed to work pretty well, but...I definitely try to avoid those things in the future...I suppose there's some sort of relief, and when you're talking about any sort of conflict in life, at all. But I think more so it's just gratitude towards our fans that they're still so amazing to us and that they're still...there for us and supporting us...We're just really grateful and humbled that the fans have been so amazing, not only for their support through all the years but moving forward as well. I've always strived to just give fans literally very last bit of everything that I have, and I think that they notice that and they appreciate that, and in turn I appreciate them and their support."


Dark Before Dawn has launched the singles "Failure" and "Angels Fall" so far. Breaking Benjamin is currently on the road and begins a tour with Shinedown on October 16 in Wichita, Kan.




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