East Side Dave's Top 5 Rockumentaries!

Who doesn't love a nice rock-doc?  They could almost be the perfect art form...combining rock 'n' roll with cinema...a good rockumentary is a glorious thing.  And with the new Green Day documentary (Heart Like A Hand Grenade) coming out, I've decided to make a list!  So, without further ado, here are my Top 5 Rockumentaries Of All Time!  Let the debate and name-calling ensue!    - East Side Dave   

5.) The Future Is Unwritten

This epic documentary focuses on Joe Strummer, the leader of The Clash.  The film shows Joe's rise and fall and rise again before his sudden death in 2002.


4.) End Of The Century

A fantastic, cinematic telling of the tale of The Ramones.  You get to see the in-fighting and yet fantastic music made by the godfathers of punk.


3. ) Pearl Jam Twenty

A tremendous flick with tons of never-before and rarely seen footage, this doc looks and sounds amazing...and beautifully shows the story of Pearl Jam, one of the greatest American rock bands ever.


2.) Rattle And Hum

This possibly controversial pick chronicles U2 at the zenith of fame.  Following their album The Joshua Tree, they were among the biggest bands in the world and instant rock legends...and are one of the few groups who can claim that title to this day.


1.) Gimme Shelter

There are many superb rockumentaries out there...but this one is still the greatest.  It depicts the Rolling Stones at the top of their game...going from sold-out shows in Madison Square Garden to their performance at the fateful Altamont concert.  It's an amazing movie experience.