Stephen Colbert Gets Advice For Hosting From Other Comedy Hosts

You never thought you'd see all of these guys in one video clip, but here they are, wishing Stephen Colbert luck on his new slot on The Late Show.But with great "luck" comes great responsibility, and that responsibility gave every cameo a reason to make fun of Stephen as well, and give him some hosting pointers.

The clip contains Jimmy KimmelLarry Wilmore, John Oliver, Conan O'Brien, James Corden, and Seth Meyers - heck, it seems as if Jimmy Fallon is the only person missing from this collection of ridiculous.

Take a listen now, and be forewarned, there is one section of language from Larry Wilmore, but the rest is clean.

We can't wait for Stephen!

Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.