The New Gotham Trailer Is Full Of Villains!

The best part about FOX's Batman adaptation of Gotham is the wild personalities it creates through their villains, and this new season is full of them. 

The new trailer features Penguin (of course), Riddler, Tigress, and the very beginnings of  The Joker. There's also new mob bosses, and a very interesting change in Detective Gordon's demeanor, which tells that he will start fighting for Gotham, and maybe not always in the goody-two-shoes way.

Bruno Heller, the man with the plan, also explains the whole" Bruce Wayne finding the moving bookshelf passage" thing to The Hollywood Reporter"It's very much a visualization of one's parents' secret lives, their past, when you're a kid that age," says Heller. "When you're so young, the idea that your father and mother had hopes and dreams and secrets of their own. That's what that staircase leads to. Dark secrets." So, it's not technically the "Bat Cave" because Bruce Wayne is far from being Batman.

If you're an avid watcher of Gotham, then you probably know that Fish Mooney (played by Jada Pinkett-Smith) isn't returning, so it's time for some new blood, hence why it's called "Villains Rising." Check out the trailer below:

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