Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

Bill Ward Needs Two Things For A Sabbath Return

It looks the rift between Bill Ward and Ozzy Osbourne won’t be mended anytime soon.

Bill was asked in a recent interview what it would take to rejoin Black Sabbath for the band’s final tour, and he responded with “a signable contract” and a public apology from Ozzy.

“If everybody could get on the same page… my page. I’ve been quite pronounced about my page, which is a signable contract and an apology over certain issues that Ozzy said about me that weren’t true,” said Bill. “I’d like him to publicly apologize. He said these things at the public level, so I’d like him to publicly apologize. He’s already responded to that, saying that’ll never happen. So, as long as that’ll never happen, then I probably won’t be joining the band in 2016.”

Bill and Ozzy have been launching various attacks against each other for some time now, with the most notorious being a highly-publicized exchange via Facebook back in April of this year, proving that social media spats aren’t just for pop stars.

Here’s hoping these two somehow find a way to makeup, if not for the fans but for the fact that they’ve been friends for so long.

Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock reporter who never leaves home without her iPod, because to her, there’s something very comforting about carrying around every piece of music she’s ever owned in her life.