Photo by Kevin Winter/ImageDirect

Paul Stanley’s Stage Banter Like You’ve Never Heard It Before

Haven’t we all just been sitting around thinking, “Hey!  When is someone going to take live excerpts of Paul Stanley talking between songs and make it into a song?”  Well, rejoice!  It’s finally happened!

A group called Snaked has remixed some of Stanley’s best banter moments and posted it to their Soundcloud page, and I have to admit it’s pretty catchy.


Finally!  An EDM track we can get behind, and apparently, Stanley supports it, too.  He even tweeted out a link to the song!

This, of course, beg the question of, “Who should be remixed next?”  While Mick Jagger immediately comes to mind, hearing a remix track full of Spinal Tap one liners would awesome, too.



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