Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Gifts Joe Elliott Would Go “Hysterical” For

Today is Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott’s birthday! To celebrate the Brit’s 56th, we give you a list of gifts he would go “hysterical” for (get it?).


Detroit Red Wings jersey - He and Def Leppard performed in Detroit in 2008 before a Red Wings game to kick off the 2009-10 NHL season. Two players brought out the Stanley Cup during the concert and, knowing nothing about hockey, Elliott put it upside down, a big no-no. “We’re soccer boys, what do we know,” he said after he was quickly corrected.

Clock - Being late is usually a bad thing, but in Elliott’s case, it changed his life. Back in 1977 when he was attending King Edward VII school, he missed the bus one day. Because of it, he met his future bandmates.  (You can find the one pictured below at Etsy.)

def leppard clock

- No one really knows what was going on in the “Rock of Ages” music video, but Elliott definitely needs a serious scabbard to sheath that mighty sword.


Sugar packets
- When the song “Pour Some Sugar on Me” came out, people came up with the “clever” idea to throw sugar packets at the band when they were on stage. And yes, the band did actually pour some sugar on someone.