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VIDEO: Glenn Danzig Puts Fan In Headlock After He Took Pics During Show

After reading the headline, we bet most of you are thinking Glenn Danzig took it a bit too far after a fan took pics during a recent show, despite there being a no photo policy, but you’re wrong.  Let us explain…

…but first, check out the video of the incident from TMZ. (Contains some NSFW language.)

Danzig -- I Said, NO PHOTOS!! Puts Fan In Headlock

Fun fact:  The fan in question is a guy named Navid Farsi, who most recently “sugar-bombed” Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and also threw a rock at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. (Get it! It’s a pun!)

In other words:  This guy is a massive tool that just wants attention, and while Danzig perhaps shouldn’t have put his hands on Farsi, we also believe karma is a bi*ch…and sometimes it comes in the form of a headlock.

If only Danzig laid him out in one punch.  (What?  Too soon?!) 



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