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National "I Forgot" Day: 10 Fun Facts About Your Favorite Rockers

Today is National "I Forgot" Day. Normally reserved for when you forget a birthday or anniversary, we are taking it a step further. Here are 10 things you might’ve forgotten (or never even known) about your favorite artists.
Dave Mustaine of Megadeth was the original lead singer for Metallica:  He recorded “Kill ‘Em All” with Metallica before he was replaced by bandmate James Hetfield. Here’s the demo of the album with Mustaine behind the mic. Which singer rocks ‘em the best?

Bon Scott was the lead singer for an Australian pop band before joining AC/DC:  Yes, the whiskey-swilling frontman known for doing the “Bad Boy Boogie” and riding on the “Highway to Hell” had a soft side too.

Speaking of Bon, remember when he appeared on TV dressed as a girl?

Flea showed off his acting chops in Back to the Future Part II:  The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist played Needles, a co-worker of Marty McFly who gets him fired. No one calls Marty McFly a chicken! Not even Flea.

Slash is British:  The former Guns N’ Roses guitarist was born in England and lived there for 11 years before moving to Los Angeles.

Steven Tyler tried out for Led Zeppelin:  Apparently Led Zeppelin was auditioning singers for their reunion tour without Robert Plant, and they brought in Tyler. Of course, this tour never happened. Would you want to see a Tyler/Zeppelin performance?
Joe Elliott of Def Leppard started a Mott the Hoople cover band called Down ‘n’ Outz in 2009:  They opened up for Mott the Hoople and played with Paul Rodgers. They even launched their own beer.

Kid Rock was in the 2001 movie Joe Dirt:  The Detroiter played Robbie, a certified redneck. And a dick. And Def Leppard doesn't suck!

Ozzy Osbourne was featured on a 1983 pop album by Was (Not Was):  Dark days for Ozzy. Fortunately, his part is quite early in the song so you don’t have to suffer through it for too long.

Pantera used to be a glam metal band:  Before they became heavy metal gods, they were swept up in the hysteria of glam metal in the mid-80s. Here’s a track from that era.



Blake Froling is a classic rocker who can be seen on the road belting out AC/DC songs in his car.