Winning Teachers Who Rock 2018

We are proud to welcome the following teachers to the WRAT Teachers Who Rock  Class of 2018, presented by the New Jersey Education Association.
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Red Bank Middle School

John Adranovitz, is a social studies teacher at Red Bank Middle School. John is great at creating a trusting environment for his students. So much so that his kids always know they can go to him with just about anything.

Mr. Adranovitz uses his Language Arts block to teach students about empathy by sharing stories and life experiences. As a school soccer coach, John instills good sportsmanship and fair play in students’ minds. He is a mentor and much needed role model whom all of the boys turn to in times of need.

For his coworkers, John organizes something called the Sunshine Club which honors colleagues who may be facing life challenges, he volunteers for countless after school activities and provides an excellent balance of professionalism, learning, and good humor in the school.

We’re looking forward to honoring Mr. Adranovitz

Southern Regional Middle School

Sarah Line, a science teacher with 19 dedicated years of service at Southern Regional Middle School in Manahawkin.

Mrs. Line isn’t afraid to blow stuff up in the name of science. Some days begin with an email to the staff that they should ignore the smoke coming from her class… because, well, Sarah’s doing an experiment today.

Sarah is able to reach students of all learning abilities and she does it in a way that captures her students in science. Other teachers overhear kids talking about that day’s experiments saying things like, “Hey wasn’t that cool how Mrs. Line’s hair stood up?” or “Did you get your pin through the balloon without popping it?”

Sarah uses science for good: Every year, students research a genetic disorder and, after the class hears student presentations on each… they vote on which condition to raise money for. It’s a learning process and community service program rolled together.

Sure, we could list all the clubs that she volunteers for, the summer research programs she takes part in when she doesn’t have to… but we’ll just end it with: Mrs. Line, you make the Jersey Shore student experience special and that’s why you are a Teacher Who Rocks!

Lacey Township Middle School

Jeremy Leighty of Lacey Township Middle School is our first teacher who rocks this week. Jeremy is a music teacher veteran of 17 years and a veteran of the Pennsylvania Air Guard as well.

As Band Director at LTMS, he spends his personal time and treasure to bring the entire LTMS band and chorus to Hersey Park for Battle of the Bands; he takes the students to NYC for concert in the park; and to Great Adventure for local Battle of the Bands.

Outside of his teaching duties Jeremy volunteers for any activity that involves the students. However, it’s during the schools Pep Rally that Jeremy shines. Jeremy takes charge of ALL the music during the Pep Rally. He infuses all music, student played, during the student games and makes the entire event memorable for everyone involved.

There is no student or staff member within the building who doesn’t know or respect Mr. Leighty; that’s the trust he’s built.

Today, WRAT is proud to welcome Mr. Leighty to the Class of 2018 Teachers Who Rock

Hazlet Middle School

Christine Orrico, a behaviorist with the district Child Study Team in Hazlet Township, and she is an in-class support special education teacher in Hazlet Middle School's seventh grade history classes.

That’s a lot of fancy words for, “she cares a lot about and works hard for kids in school”.

Ms. Orrico is the go-to person in our building whenever there is a child in need. Christine patiently works with students and teachers to make a plan for successful learning under even the most challenging circumstances. She is dedicated to the fact that every child can learn, that every child deserves a chance, and that every child is valuable and important to our school community.

When a plan goes awry or a change is needed, Ms. Orrico is right there making new suggestions, coming up with new ideas, and implementing new ideas.

Today, WRAT is proud to welcome Christine Orrico to the Class of 2018 Teachers Who Rock

Berkeley Township Elementary School

Berkeley Township Schools

Stacy Kakos, the guidance counselor at Berkeley Township Elementary School.

Stacy has been in education for nearly sixteen years and has recently changed schools within the Berkeley District. When presented with a new opportunity, she took the path that required more work and more effort. This willingness to completely move from her comfort zone impressed us the most.Not to mention the many times she’s found students in special situations and filled their needs. Whether it be making sure there’s a Thanksgiving meal for them or a small holiday gift during the season. Stacy is always providing guidance for families in crisis or in need and is always focused on solutions.

One final note: The garden project she brought local business to support taught kids so much about farming and eating right. These are lessons that will help our students for a long, long time.




Central Regional High School

Elizabeth Moore, music teacher at Central Regional High School.

Beth Moore is not only a dynamic music teacher but also a talented choral director who is solely responsible for Central Regional students singing at Carnegie Square, and even at the White House.

Mrs. Moore has also worked very hard at producing and directing a middle school musical for at least the past 10 years and plays a crucial part in directing vocals and playing music for the high school's large spring musical.

Beth creates new, innovative ways to engage her students as she coaches high school students to engage in student-direction which gives them valuable experience as directors that they can take to other areas of their lives, even beyond performing.

Today, WRAT is proud to welcome Elizabeth Moore to the Class of 2018 Teachers Who Rock