9 Films To Watch On 4/20

Every holiday usually has some sort of activity attached to it, and while 4/20’s activity is obvious, we believe a movie marathon is definitely in order.

What's Coming To Netflix In May? Check It Out Here!

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The New 'Star Wars' Trailer Will. Give. You. CHILLS!

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You Will LOVE This "Fantastic Beasts" Casting News

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A Salute To Ed O’Neill

Television actors are lucky to end up on one successful series in their entire career, and the ones who managed to be on two are few and far between.  Ed O’Neill, who turns 71 today (April 12), is one of those few, and he did it while playing two vastly different characters:  Al Bundy from…

A Tribute To Dave’s Mom

Legally she was Dorothy Mengering, but to fans of The Late Show with David Letterman, she was simply known as “Dave’s Mom.” Related posts: GALLERY: David Letterman and Other Stellar Beards