The WRAT’s Endless Games 9 Days of Christmas Online

Listen to the Rat beginning December 11th for the Endless Games 9 Days of Christmas Giveaway.

Over 9 Days, 9 people will win a custom Christmas stocking which will include:

Listen to Carl and Dave in the morning when they announce the Christmas Song of the Day.

Be the 9th caller when you hear that song in it’s entirety later that day and you win.

Club Rat Members get access to the schedule of songs and airtimes for the week by entering their email below. Become a Club Rat member simply by entering your email and filling out the required fields.

Sponsored by Endless Games - makers of party and family games like 60 Second Slam, The Family Feud, Out Of Order, That Was Awkward and Ochos Locos. Ask for Endless Games at your local toy store, and check out to see more and the New Jersey Lottery – Anything Can Happen in New Jersey.

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